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About Us

Hello, and a warm welcome from McGovern Home!

We’d like to welcome you to our cosy site packed with exciting new products that we absolutely adore and can’t wait for you to see. We work with exclusive designers, artists and businesses to bring you a collection of must have beauties for your home.

What makes McGovern Home special has to be our emphasis on discovering talented, up and coming small businesses that produce spectacular pieces you would not be able to find easily on the average high street. Currently British design has come into its own with lovely quirky and eccentric pieces that have sparked the imagination of the British public. We are proud to showcase this wonderful trend and fully support this home grown talent. Our keen eye does not stop there. We are always on the lookout and through our travels have spotted some fantastic items and ideas that we have had the pleasure of bringing back to the UK.

We hope you enjoy browsing through our site and find a must have piece to help turn your house into a home.

About Us

McGovern Home was founded in 2012 by Robert and Kimberley McGovern. The husband and wife team first met in 2004 at university (Imperial College London), where they were both studying Medicine. It seemed through some twist of fate that both of them chose to do their second degree in Business Management where their ideas began to flourish and the passion for retail started. Alas, they had to put their passion for business aside and continue with their medical career, working as doctors for several years in the NHS. It wasn’t until after several years of practising medicine that they finally plucked up the courage to leave and follow their dreams into the unknown.

After leaving, Kimberley went on to work for companies Ted Baker and John Lewis where it confirmed her passion for retail. Although they were fantastic places to work, she once again decided to leave to start up her own business with her husband.

"I wanted to create a business I was proud of, that had the high standards that I would expect when I walked into a store. I wanted to create new rules for customer service and be able to exercise fairness and ethics that people could trust. Whilst working as a doctor I developed a great sense of empathy for others." With this in mind, McGovern Home was born. So called after the couple’s surname, representing a name that people could trust and a company with old fashioned values.

Why Homewares? Robert and Kimberley’s interest in homewares started like most people’s, when they moved into their first house. Excited by the new found freedom of interior design in one’s own home it soon became a hobby. They noticed that when it came to decorating their home it was difficult to find items that were unique and a little bit different. They soon became fed up with generic fixtures and fittings that were being sold everywhere. They wanted their house to stand out from the crowd but be workable, liveable and elegant at the same time. From then on they always had their eyes peeled for interesting articles that would express their personality and taste.

"We have always loved beautiful homes and interior design - quality pieces that you treasure and appreciate each day when you look at them. Objects that you can both enjoy and use. I’ve always been on the lookout for items that are a bit unusual, a little bit different that are a good talking point and a way of self expression. Things that will inspire others and spark the imagination. Digging around markets, browsing in small shops and travelling have always been something I have done to hunt out that curious and rare special item."

As time passed, Robert and Kimberley came to realise that it wasn’t just them that wanted a beautiful home filled with items that were unique and told something of their personality. Friends, family and neighbours were all looking for exciting items to furnish their house with. With this in mind McGovern Home was born, a website filled with an eclectic mix of rare hard to find items that complement everyday living.

One last thing..

We’d love to hear back from our customers about our service and their experience. Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any niggling questions or if you encounter any peculiar events, we’re always here to help and put things right.

We hope you have enjoyed your visit. Come back and see us soon.

McGovern Home